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Tea & Chocolate pairing

We all love drinking our tea and eating our favourite chocolates- but imagine pairing them together and drinking tea and eating chocolate at the same time? The sweetness of cocoa and the deliciousness of your tea-Oh! A match made in heaven!

 The purpose of pairing them together is successful when each enhances the flavour of the other. When you drink tea and eat chocolate with it, suddenly the taste of the tea changes. Learn to understand the taste, aroma, texture and intensity of both tea and chocolate to truly understand their flavour combinations.

 What is the best way to taste? Eat a small bite of chocolate and let it melt in your mouth. Drink a sip of tea at this time and watch how to flavour changes. What is the sensation that you get? Is it fruity or floral? Sweet, nutty or bitter?

 And what is the best time than the current? With Valentine’s Day around the corner, gift your loved ones this divine experience. Buy your favourite chocolates, see our guide and have your tea needs covered by our artisanal range of teas.

 Here are some of our favourite tea pairings.

  1. Milk chocolate with Masala Tea, Ginger-cardamom Tea, Earl Grey Rose Tea, Double Bergamot Earl Grey Tea, English Breakfast Tea
  2. Dark chocolate with Oolong Rose Tea, Green Tea Spearmint, Green Tea Yuzu, Hibiscus Blush Tea
  3. White chocolate with Masala Tea, Organic Japanese Matcha, any herbal teas/tisanes like Chamomile, Nettle, Rosemary etc.

 Tried another pairing? Do let us know.

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