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If the stranger say unto thee That he thirsteth
Give him a cup of Tea.
Tea, a refreshing drink from the plant Camellia Sinensis is the most consumed beverage in the world after water.

Tea drinkers around the world have been enjoying tea for its refreshing flavor, its remarkable health properties, and medicinal qualities. Today, there are more than 3000 varieties of tea having their distinctive flavor and character but mainly there are four kinds of teas-Black, Green, Oolong, and White. 

Tea does contain caffeine, though in much lower amounts than coffee. The amount of caffeine in tea would vary depending on the size of tea, variety, and brewing time.

It is a myth that green tea contains less caffeine than black tea. Generally, a 200ml cup of tea(6 ounces) would contain between 8mg to 110mg of caffeine. Black tea infused for 5 minutes would contain 40-100 mg of caffeine while a 3-minute infusion would have around 20-40 milligrams. Very fine tea and tea bags produce an infusion of more caffeine than loose teas due to the small size of the leaves. 

It is not possible to completely remove the caffeine from tea without losing its quality. But because caffeine is water-soluble, most of the caffeine can be removed from the normal tea. To do this twice the amount of water to be consumed needs to be boiled. 

In the first step, the leaves should be infused for twenty to thirty seconds with the normal amount of water, thereafter which the infusion can be thrown away and the leaves retained. In the next step, the water should be boiled again and poured over these leaves, now infusing it normally for three to five minutes. This brew is the one to be drunk. 

Tea should always be stored in air-tight, opaque containers such as metal tins, away from sunlight, water, and other such factors in a cool and dry place. 

A dry spoon should be used to scoop out the tea, thereafter which the container should be closed tightly to retain the aroma and flavor of the tea. Tea should not be stored in refrigerators. 

The primary difference between loose tea and tea bags is that loose tea is high-quality tea while tea bags contain broken leaves of very small size, sometimes dust, which is not of superior quality.  

Teabags have a larger surface area and are therefore more exposed to external factors which may cause them to become stale and lose their flavor. 

Assam teas have three seasons namely First Flush, Second Flush and Autumnal/Winter teas. 


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