Kahwa Teabags

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Our take on the famous beverage from the Kashmir Valley, a heavenly combination of Indian Green Tea with aromatic spices, delicate rose petals, and flavourful saffron- A perfectly refreshing drink to enjoy in your leisure time. An amazing combination of delicious taste, aroma, and a bundle of health benefits. 

HEALTH BENEFITS: High in antioxidants, Promotes heart health, Lowers cholesterol, Aids digestion, Helps treat cold, improves metabolism, burns fat, immunity building, stress buster, nourishes the skin, etc.

INGREDIENTS: Indian Green Tea, Aromatic Indian spices (Cardamom, Ginger, Clove, Cinnamon), Lemongrass, Rose petals & Saffron

Aroma: Piquant notes of Indian spices, floral rose petals & Mesmerizing fragrance of Saffron

Brew: Dark brown to amber yellow

Taste: Spicy and woody balanced with soothing notes of rose petals and saffron